Air Travel Tips

20 Tips From Air-Travel Insiders

Planning Tips

Know the difference between “direct” and “nonstop” flights, and always opt for the latter. Unlike nonstops, direct flights can touch down at other airports on the way to their ultimate destinations, says Macon Dunnagan, a baggage handler with US Airways. And while stops are built in to the total travel time, the potential delays they can cause aren’t.

Make sure you buy your ticket under the exact name that appears on your ID. It might seem obvious to you that Betsy is a nickname for Elizabeth, but it may…


Packing Tips

7 Travel Packing Tips for Getting Your Bag Onboard

Tip 1 - Pack Light

Trust me, you don't need to bring as much as you think. Consider how often you are going to be seen by the same people and realize that you don't need to wear something different every day of your trip. Limit the number of shoes you bring. Remember you're already wearing one pair on the plane.

Tip 2 - The Grays Have It

If you bring colorful clothes then matching them will require even more clothes in total to be…


Car Travel Tips

Family Car Travel – Memorable Vacation or Torture Trip?

Traveling with kids takes more planning to be successful, but the rewards are tremendous. Showing your children a bit of the world is a great investment in their education. History and geography become real when kids see the Liberty Bell or touch actual wagon train ruts on the Oregon Trail. Even with gasoline at record high prices, the family car trip is still the most popular way to go on summer vacation.

Pack smart:

  1. Select versatile, easy care, comfortable clothing items. Darker colors and prints…