Whether you're travelling for vacation or business, studying overseas or visiting family abroad, SmartTraveller knows just what you need to ensure that you and your loved ones are well covered for your travels. With the new AXA SmartTraveller, you only buy what you need. We are making some benefits optional to give you a choice to pick and choose those benefits that are most appropriate for your trip.


  • High Medical Coverage

         Covers up to $600,00 for medical and accidental dental treatment whilst overseas.

  • Protection for Lost or Damaged Belongings

         Receive up to $10,000 for lost personal effects and reimbursement to replace the essential items

  • Leisure Sports Cover

         Covers leisure amateur sports such as Bungee Jumping, Parachuting, Sky Diving and Scuba Diving

  • PA Cover Starts Before Trip

         Personal Accident cover starts 3 hours before trip departure

  • Full Terrorism Cover

         Covers for full terrorism including use of nuclear, chemical and biological substances

  • Trip Curtailment

          Receive up to $20,000 for Trip Curtailment even if you have to remain overseas for medical treatment.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance

          Call our emergency hotline +65 6322 2566 for any emergency medical assistance while overseas including medical evacuation and repatriation

  • Only Buy What You Need

          Choose from these add ons benefits:

  1. Golf Equipment Cover
  2. Sports Equipment Cover
  3. Pet Care
  4. Rental Vehicle Excess Cover and Safety (Hijacking, Kidnap and Hostage and Home Care)

Terms & Conditions

  • Trip Departure Must Be From Singapore

         All trips must begin from and end in Singapore.

  • Maximum Trip Duration

        182 days for Single Trip and 92 days per trip for Annual Plan.

  • Persons Eligible For Cover

        Singapore citizens, Singapore PRs, or holders of a valid employment or student pass, long-term social visit or dependent pass.

  • Definition of Child

        An unmarried and dependent person below age of 18, or up to 25 if still studying full-time during the policy period.

  • Incept Policy Before Your Trip

        Policy must be effected before departure from Singapore.

  • No Age Restriction

        There is no age restriction for cover. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to buy an individual adult cover.  

  • Annual Cover  

         Each child must travel with at least one insured parent and is applicable for you and your family

  • Duplication of Cover

         If you have more than one travel policy with AXA, only the policy with the highest benefit will apply.